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Can't find the right person for your business?

Why not tap into a completely new pool of talented people by employing someone with a disability?

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Realise Futures specialises in supporting people with disabilities and/or disadvantages to realise their potential through work, learning and life.

We work with lots of companies in the Eastern region, matching enthusiastic and motivated employees to enlightened businesses.

We can help you recruit and retain the right people for your business.

Here's some of the reasons why employing people with disabilities makes good business sense:

  • You'll realise the benefits of a diverse workforce
  • You'll improve your reputation
  • Disabled people will become your customers - the total spending power of families with at least one disabled person is estimated at £249 billion per year
  • As an employer, you'll be able to access a wider talent pool of labour
  • You'll be fully supported throughout the process by a company with know-how and a track record of supporting employers and employees
  • You'll reduce your recruitment costs
  • You'll get professional advice, guidance and practical support throughout the whole process.

You may be anxious about employing someone with a disability, but here are a few facts you might not know:

The average vacancy costs UK employers £6,000. This includes paying for adverts to be put on recruitment sites and in newspapers, the staff costs in reviewing and shortlisting applications, interviewing candidates and training the successful individual to be able to do the job.

We can match the skills of individuals we support with those needed by you as an employer. This can lead to improved retention and reduced staff turnover. Any specialist equipment or workplace adaptions could be covered by grants for Access to Work.

Please contact us on 01473 242500 and one of our Employment team will be pleased to help you. Or email info@realisefutures.org

Realise Futures is a company operating across Suffolk and Essex combining commercial trade of products and services alongside work placements, employment and training opportunities. The primary aim of the business is to improve and promote the economic and social wellbeing of those who are disadvantaged and/or disabled.