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Through placement activities, Donna's abilities steadily grew and her capability increased, also below are Amy's and Yvonne's experiences at RF Works for Growing...


Donna has Irlens Syndrome, Dyslexia, low mood and anxiety. She began attending RF WORKS for Growing (Growing Places) in 2005 on a ‘supported therapeutic placement’. Through her placement activities, Donna’s confidence and abilities steadily grew. 

In 2014, Donna identified that she would like to find work. Donna’s Manager was fully supportive of her progression from work placement to paid employee. Donna was referred to our Employment Team who supported her with a ‘better off in work’ calculation, which showed that she would be better off in paid employment.

The role of Horticultural Assistant was moulded to fit Donna’s abilities. Donna’s confidence has soared and she has enjoyed learning new tasks, including how to operate the computerised till. Donna feels like a valued employee and is enjoying earning her own money.

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