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RF WORKS for me...

Sheryl enjoys pricing and working in the cafe and Heather enjoys working in the shop...

Sheryl moved to the UK from South Africa with her mum. She has limited verbal communication although she usuallyunderstands what people are saying to her. She has had to cope with cultural changes moving to the UK. Sheryl has difficulty in recognising money and monetary values, and finds reading a challenge.

Since joining RF WORKS for Wholefoods (Poppy’s Pantry), she has moved out of her flat with her mum and lives on her own in Ipswich and travels independently. Sheryl’s confidence has grown with money; she can use the pricing gun independently, so is also able to support other team members with this task.

Sheryl has started to attend events and has the confidence to talk to others about the opportunities at RF WORKS. Working at RF WORKS has enabled Sheryl to have more choice and control over her life, and to be more independent.

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