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Working in RF WORKS for Food and Drink has given Andrew and Kimberly the confidence to continue their catering dream...


Andrew was referred to Realise Futures by his parents to enable him to gain skills and have more of a structure to his day. At this time Andrew was socially isolated and didn’t like to go out much.

Andrew had been at a local college for two years, but didn’t complete the final year due to stress caused by the course. He was studying catering but had found it difficult to find a work placement and this slowed down his progress.

We were able to quickly identify that Andrew had the skills to join the cooking sessions within RF WORKS, which has helped boost his confidence, self-esteem and teamwork skills. Since joining us, Andrew has progressed to our Café where he is learning to transfer his skills in a more commercial setting. Andrew’s ambition is to find full-time employment and we will support him every step of the way.

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