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Case study from a carer of one of our attendees...

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"Hi Roy,

Hope all is well with you. Just thought that I’d give you a bit of feedback re Richard:

I just wanted to let you know that Richard bounded out of the taxi yesterday afternoon with a big beam across his face and a spring in his step. When I asked how his day had been – he responded ‘it was brilliant! – just the best!’.

Since being at RF – he has grown each day – he is now confident, willing to share news about himself and actually is beginning to listen to others. He is talking about having friends for the first time in his life! (That’s pretty stunning seeing he is 55!) He is taking pride in his appearance, he looks forward to his Mondays and Wednesdays more than anything else in the world and he really feels as if he is making a contribution by being part of a team that he not only respects and likes but also feels as if there is a point to his life!

I can’t ever express how RF – and specifically you (as you have personally taken so much time and effort to help Richard – way beyond what could ever be expected anywhere – let alone in a work place) – have made such a difference – not only to Richard but also to my own and my husband’s lives. It has been challenging in the past few years as it was never really part of my life plan to have my brother living with me full-time and there is a lot of history. However, the changes in Richard have made such a difference that I honestly could say to Richard this Christmas Day that I am actually proud to have him as a brother and a friend in my life – which I honestly never thought would be the case.

You truly are amazing – the difference in Richard is so stunning and I honestly do believe that this is so much down to you. Please keep up your fantastic work – I totally appreciate that you must have really difficult days and constant challenges – but your results are truly beyond belief. Your gentle approach and experience is truly stunning and an inspiration.

Thanks Roy – can’t think where we’d be if we hadn’t met you and your wonderful team.