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Meet the Tutors – Jenny Perfitt

Meet the Tutors – Jenny Perfitt

Thinking of signing up to one of our courses but want to know a bit more about who will be teaching you? Welcome to Meet the Tutors! Our first tutor that we are introducing is Jenny, who teaches Level 1 and 2 Certificate in Childcare, and Level 1 and 2 in Hospitality.

Meet the Tutors - Jenny Perfitt

When I left college, I went to work in a pre-school, then events led me to opening my own pre-school, which I ran for 3 and a half years, before my old tutor asked me if I would like to give teaching a go. They were short of tutors at my old college, and they thought I would be perfect for the job. So, I went along, gave it a go and I loved it! They offered me a more permanent position. Within a year I decided to sell my pre-school and focus on teaching, the rest is history. The pre-school is still open today. 

Realise Futures:
Our Level 1 Childcare course introduces learners to the different aspects of working with children and the possible setting they can work in, the skills they will need and child development. Level 2  moves on to children’s safeguarding, how to support children’s development and their learning. Both courses give a good base knowledge for learners to be able to go on to volunteer at an early year setting or apply for employment. 
Level 1 in Hospitality gives learners the opportunity to make a variety of dishes, as well as learn health and safety, customer service, menu planning, allergens and more. Level 2 learners can adjust their own recipes and write their own cookbook. 

Baking, watching films, spending time with family, swimming in the sea, early morning walks to the beach and relaxing at home with my husband Colin and cat Lemmy.

Advice for learners:
If you ever get stuck on something, just ask, no question is a silly question.

Favourite course to teach:
When I am in the kitchen teaching others to cook, I am at my happiest. Teaching others to cook has made me realise how lucky I was to have grown up in a surrounded by people who can all cook and bake and share those experiences together through the generations. Teaching good family recipes that learners can share with their children is really rewarding. I once bumped into a learner in Tesco’s walking around with my recipe card from my lesson, using it as a shopping list so he could make his grandchildren a homecooked dinner.