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Meet the Tutors – Simon Budd

Meet the Tutors – Simon Budd

Thinking of signing up to one of our courses but want to know a bit more about who will be teaching you? Welcome to Meet the Tutors! Our second tutor that we are introducing is Simon, who teaches Health and Care, IT and Computer, Food Safety and Health and Safety courses.

Meet the Tutors - Simon Budd

Teaches: Level 1 Certificate in Health and Care, IT and Computer courses, Level 2 Food Safety and Health and Safety. 

I got my first teaching/training post in 2013, as a trainer with Bupa. I wanted to become a teacher because I love being in the classroom helping learners to gain new information and fulfil their potential. I am passionate about education and helping learners to gain the qualifications and experience they need to move into their chosen employment area. I started working at Realise Futures as a tutor in June 2019. Time has flown!

Realise Futures:
Some learners come onto the course to develop their computer and IT skills to develop their confidence with using applications such as emails, the internet and Microsoft Word to help them move into a new role; the Level 2 Food Safety and Health and Safety courses are designed to give people the skills and knowledge to move into a range of different employment areas. 

My three favourite hobbies are spending time with family, partner and friends, sport and being outside walking/exploring new places.

Favourite film/book?:
Cool Runnings, and favourite book would be the Alex Rider series. They have started to make a TV adaptation on Amazon prime, which is very cool.

Advice for learners:
Never be afraid to ask a question which you are unsure of, the tutors are fantastic and always very willing and happy to help in any way they can.

Favourite course to teach:
I love delivering all the courses I teach and consider myself very lucky to be in the role I have. If I was to say a favourite, it would have to be the IT courses. I love seeing the progress that learners make, and I really enjoy teaching the wide range of content which the courses have to offer.