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Multiply Suffolk Success Story

Multiply Suffolk Success Story


Realise Futures’ success stories can’t always be shared with you for privacy reasons, but we are fortunate enough, and grateful, to have been given consent to share this one. It is stories like this that exemplify how we work and what we achieve in tandem with the individual’s own accomplishments. You can learn more about Multiply Suffolk at Multiply – Learn Suffolk

Learner background

Kieran was referred to Multiply Suffolk in July 2023, to support him to find employment, increase his confidence with numeracy and upskill in maths.

Kieran has a diagnosis of Developmental Language Disorder, which means he struggles with finding the words to say and comprehending what he is being asked to do, he also finds expression through words exceedingly difficult, as is sequencing things and understanding tenses.

What we did

So as not to overwhelm Kieran, his Coach Carey worked 1 to 1 with him, in a fitting environment and to give him a greater chance of success in the learning and coaching sessions.

Kieran progressed well in the sessions, being able to recognise the numeracy already embedded in his day-to-day life and what numeracy skills he needs to progress with, relatable to his chosen career path of supporting people with complex needs.

Kieran completed 2 numeracy workshops with Multiply Suffolk, Carey also worked on Kieran’s confidence and understanding, with Kieran voluntarily completing a full maths assessment, to identify his strengths, level, and areas for development, in preparation to study maths Functional Skills

Kieran worked with Carey on Interview techniques, they also spent time going through what to expect, working in such an environment, the language used and how to effectively engage with young people, who may be oppositional to the support on offer.

Outcome for learner

Kieran was offered 2 jobs. He is now in full-time employment.

Kieran is prepared to start his Maths Functional Skill in the future, should he want to.

Kieran is a very polite and ambitious young man, with much to give, he also has an amazing talent, Art.

Here is what Kieran has to say about his work.

My name is Kieran Smith, I am 28 years old and an Artist.

I completed a BA HONS Fine Art Degree in 2017, gaining a 2.2 from Norwich University of Arts (NUA). I love to draw reality around myself, expressing life with simple line and colour, traditionally using medium pencils, pens, and watercolours.

I also love to produce digital art on my iPad pro, using varied digital brushes, like pencil, acrylic, oil, and water colours and using the apple pencil as a stylus.

Latest Update

Here is what Kieran has to say about his experience with Multiply Suffolk so far:

I am now working at Wetheringsett Secondary School, full time, as a Teaching Assistant. This was the first interview I attended, after I went through interview techniques with Carey, it was a game changer, as it made me feel more confident and less nervous, having a better understanding on what answers they were looking for and why.

I have completed the Maths assessment, which has shown me the areas I can improve on and will continue this independently.

Show case of some of Kieran’s amazing work